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Labor Department Announces Record Jobs Numbers. (05/07/2019)

Under the headline, “U.S. Unemployment Fell To 3.6 Percent, Lowest Since 1969,” the Washington Post (5/3, Long) reported that the Labor Department announced Friday that the US economy “added 263,000 jobs in April, notching a record 103 straight months of job gains and signaling the current economic expansion shows little sign of stalling.” The Post added that “the unemployment rate fell to 3.6 percent.” The Post goes on to report that the US has “more job openings than unemployed people, a situation some economists call ‘full employment’ since most job seekers are able to land a job.” In a front-page article, the Washington Post (5/3, A1, Long) said “the latest piece of good news comes accompanied by strong wage growth, hot stock markets and a first-quarter growth report last week that smashed expectations. Equally noteworthy is what economists aren’t seeing: the high levels of inflation that have accompanied previous expansions.”