Megan Rutherford: Sales and Marketing Column

Megan Rutherford: Sales and Marketing Column
Megan Rutherford has a diverse background in sales, marketing, and public relations. She has 15+ years of experience in helping small businesses grow their unique markets. Certified as an inbound marketer, Megan specializes in internet & email marketing, search engine optimization, social media, and more. Offline activities include direct mail marketing, public relations, and event planning.

Aiding Employees to go Above and Beyond

Aiding Employees to go Above and Beyond

How do you get employees to go A.B.C.D (Above and Beyond the Call of Duty)? Engaging and motivating employees isn’t always as easy as it sounds. No matter how much training is invested, it could be one bad day for the employee, and they don’t go above and beyond for a customer ultimately leading to the loss of a customer, a bad online review, or other potential scenarios that take place.

With the way that society has changed in the ‘digital age’ the outlook of American workers towards their jobs has also changed. While a large number may be satisfied with their jobs, roughly only about 20 percent feel very passionate about their duties according to a Harris Interactive Study. Larger numbers of the workforce today are more eager to change careers or think that they have reached a dead end in their career. What is important to note for small businesses is that employees of small companies tend to feel more engaged with their work as opposed to employees that work at larger corporations.

The employee’s overall satisfaction with the job is a large part of the equation. Business owners and managers alike want employees to exceed performance standards, but the employee has to feel valued and compensated fairly. Everything from professional development, job security, and benefits all play a significant role in an employee’s willingness to go above and beyond. Let’s examine a few ways to achieve this:

Make Interaction Memorable

Going out of the way isn’t hard to do, but it can leave a lasting impression. Employee dedication to the job has changed with the digital world of today but taking customer service back to the good ‘ole days will benefit everyone. Customer service should be at the forefront of all successful businesses and can encapsulate a wide array of things.

Gain Feedback

One way to continually improve is to ask for feedback. Not only should a business solicit input from customers or clients, but also employees. By listening to employees, they will feel that they are a valued partner in the small business.

Create an Employee Experience

Research has shown that when employees have specific feelings towards their place of employment they not only want to put in extra effort, but an employee is also less likely to leave the job. Some of the top factors are a sense of purpose, achievement, happiness, and a feeling of belonging. Other factors to think about are environment, leadership, transparency, and authenticity. Employees must have a clear direction and feel that the business that they work for has a clear commitment to them. Look for innovative ways to offer opportunities and incentives.

It all boils down to an employee feeling that they are useful to the business. From receiving recognition and feedback to gaining opportunities for professional development, it can all go a long way in helping an employee go above and beyond in their role. Remember that by creating a better experience for employees, it will result in the opportunity to produce greater results for the small business. Having satisfied employees can go a long way. From taking pride in their work, believing in the company, and the willingness to stay long term because of a promising future.

In a perfect world, employees would go the extra mile all of the time, but in reality, this isn’t always the case. Putting the culture in place to promote employee’s going above and beyond the call of duty can be very beneficial.